As a property owner, one of the greatest mistakes that you can make when your first begin to notice the exterior of your foundation is experiencing cracks is to believe that it is just a surface issue that does not require any further investigation. If you have noticed that elements of your foundation are crumbing or chipping, then you should contact a professional crumbling foundation repair contractor to perform a full analysis of the structural integrity of your foundation.

You can contact the Connecticut foundation repair contractors at Don Childree General Contractor for a free consultation and we will assist in determining whether your foundation will just simply require some patch work, or you require a foundation replacement. Please take the time to click here and view our video to learn more about our crumbling concrete and foundation repair services.

Why Does Foundation Crumbing and Chipping Concrete Occur?

The most common reason for crumbling foundation to occur because of the sudden changes in temperatures that occur in Connecticut caused the continuous freezing and then melting of water, which envelops your foundation. Also, strong water pressure from heavy rains can accumulate and assist in deteriorating the concrete in your foundation.

Depending on the current condition of your foundation, replacing crumbling concrete can be a large scale project. If you have noticed cracks in your foundation, the longer you wait to contact a professional foundation repair contractor, the greater the damages and costs associated with repair. If the cracks are tiny in size and scope, they may be able to be repaired by simply filling them out with epoxy. If the damages to your foundation run deeper than surface cracks, that other foundation repair services may be required.

If have noticed cracks in your foundation or it is has started to crumble, you should contact the Connecticut crumbling concrete foundation repair experts at Don Childree General contractor. We will arrive at your location and give you a free assessment and estimate in order to identify any potential foundation problems you may have. Our professional team has performed countless foundation repair projects throughout the Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA region and will be more than happy to assist you with your problem. Contact us today at (860) 290-9117 for your free quote!

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