Foundation Services

We have the knowledge and tools to repair crumbling concrete and protect your home or business from structure failures in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Foundation Repair

We offer professional crumbling foundation repair in Connecticut and Massachusetts to address a range of problems, including structural damage, sunken foundations, leaning chimneys, and cracks on the interior walls or exterior masonry. We utilize the best equipment and proven techniques to design a solution that will protect the integrity of your home and prevent further damage.

Many foundations that were installed in the 80s need to be completely replaced. Serious cracks can affect the balance of your entire house. We offer a free estimate inspection for foundation repair. We will send a certified inspector to evaluate your foundation to determine the extent of the damage and create a custom plan for foundation repair.

About the Foundation Repair Process

The only way to be certain you’ve solved your foundation issue is by removing all of the old concrete and replacing it with new concrete. This means the walls, floors, and footings all need to be replaced.

  1. We will excavate around your house.
  2. Slide steel beams in to support your house.
  3. Then lift your house up and remove all of the concrete.
  4. Once the concrete is removed, we’ll begin forming and pouring new footings and walls.
  5. Your house is then set back down on the new foundation and the floors are poured.
  6. From there, we’ll reconnect all of your mechanicals and test everything to ensure it is ready for you to move back in.

Foundation Waterproofing

Do you have water in your basement every time it rains? Contact us and we’ll work to find the solution that best fits your home’s needs. Our services include below-grade exterior waterproofing, interior drainage systems, and sump pumps, and more.

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