Home Additions

There are numerous benefits to adding a room addition to your home.

Home Additions

There are numerous benefits to adding a room addition to your home. Some of the greatest advantages consist of adding value to your home as well as meeting the needs for additional family members and creating additional privacy. Don Childree General Contractor has been constructing and renovating additions for homes for over 45 years. We use the most modern designs and building methods to ensure that your new addition will integrate seamlessly into your current residence. We have successfully constructed additions for almost any size and type of structure, so you can have complete confidence in our experience and workmanship.

Don Childree of South Windsor, Connecticut employs the most experienced and skilled contractors and carpenters, which has given us a reputation of providing the greatest level of construction and home improvement in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. Using a combination of skilled craftsmanship, with precise attention to design detail, will ensure that our team of specialists will perform quality services that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your house or commercial business for many years.

Our customized home additions give you the chance to transform the structure of your home.

Some of our specialty home addition projects include:

  • Bedrooms and Master Suites
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens
  • Entertainment, Dining, and Family Rooms
  • Finished Basements or Attics
  • Kitchens and Dining Areas
  • Commercial Office and Retail Space
  • Additional Storage Space
  • Garages
  • Patios, Porches and Outdoor Living Spaces

If you are seeking a home addition contractor with a vast amount of experience, who will design and install a professional home addition in your property and work within your budget, then Don Childree General Contractor will be the perfect company for your project. From small one-room renovations to expansive multi-level projects. We can handle every aspect of your home addition project, including plumbing, electrical work, construction, installations, and everything in between. Contact Don today at (860) 290-9117 for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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