Foundation Evaluation & Repair Services | Springfield, MA - Hartford, CTA critical structural problem within the foundation of your home is most likely the worst case scenario of every Connecticut homeowner. When a structural problem is left disregarded, it will eventually get worse over the coarse of time and will lead to costly repairs as well as a significant decrease in the value of your home or property. The amount of money that it could potentially cost you to fix neglected home foundation damage complications will depend on the level of damage that has occurred. It is important to be able to know how to evaluate the potential damage to your foundation, and notice the signs of damage as soon as possible in order to reduce the overall damage.

You can contact the Connecticut foundation repair and waterproofing professionals at Don Childree General Contractor for a free on-site inspection of your foundation at anytime at 860-290-9117. If you would like to perform the inspection yourself, we have listed some of the primary indicators that your foundation is in need of immediate repair.

Cracks have begun to form in the concrete of the foundation at the base of the structure. One of the most obvious signs that your foundation is need of repair is when you notice slight cracks within the concrete of your structure. You should have these cracks checked out by a professional to assess any further damage that could potentially occur.

Roof damage and leaks. Foundation problems will not happen over-night, so it can be extremely difficult to detect damage if you are not trained to do so. One way you know you may be at risk, is if your roof is in sudden and unexpected need of repair. Your foundation securely supports and is connected with every aspect of your home. When your foundation is moving, it is also causing your roof to move, which can lead to roof rafters and shingles separating. This can cause your roof to leak, which can lead to costly water damage to your property.

Separation around the exterior doors of your home. If your garage door is showing dislocation from its structure then there is a good chance it is a result of foundation damage. You should be aware of any cracked bricks, warped walls and any separation between the garage door and ground.
Interior windows and door problems. Sticking doors, cracks around the window and door frames, windows that are getting stuck and uneven floors are usual signs of foundation problems.

It is crucial that you catch foundation damage in its early stages in order to minimize the costs for repair. In order to do this you need to perform routine inspections and maintenance on your foundation. Your home’s foundation is the most significant element of the structure of your home and once it’s integrity has been compromised, the value of your property can decrease significantly.

You can contact Don Childree for a free on-site inspection of the foundation of your home or property. We will send a certified inspector to evaluate your foundation to determine the extent of the damage and create a custom plan for foundation repair. We offer professional foundation repair in Connecticut and Massachusetts to address a range of problems, including structural damage, sunken foundations, leaning chimneys and cracks on the interior walls or exterior masonry. We utilize the best equipment and proven techniques to design a solution that will protect the integrity of your home and prevent further damage.

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